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Shooting tour

Military tourism becames more and more prospective in Ukraine.

Military tour is for those who wants to gain skills how to shoot and act during the military attack. We would transfer you to the past times and show you how to use different weapons in a real life.

We would make your dream come true. If you've ever dreamed of shooting a real Kalashnikov rifle or another one, but never tried to do this - do not miss this opportunity! You will shoot with rifles of various types of special shooting ranges.


Kalashnikov - 20 shots Kalashnikov - 10 shots
Tavor TAR-21 - 20 shots Tavor TAR-21 - 10 shots
Mosin - Nagant rifle - 10 shots Mosin - Nagant rifle - 10 shots
Pistols PM, Fort - 20 shots Pistols PM, Fort - 20 shots
Clay shooting - 25 shots -
Total: 225$
Total: 120$

Optional: Tank driving (BDRM) - 120$ per 1 lap.

Transfer cost: 2 persons - 60$, 3-7 persons - 100$, over 7 persons - 130$ (instructor help and translator assistance is included into the cost). Duration: 4 hours (depending on the number of people in the group). Coordinator assistance is necessary during the tour.

Please note that this tour is serious military action. NO Alcohol, NO Drugs before the shooting tour are permitted. To people with mental or psychiatric disability this tour is Prohibited. Every person will have personal instructor at the field while shooting.

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