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Evenings on a Farm near Dykanka (bicycle tour)

Season to make a trip: April - September
Level: beginner
Duration: 3 days
Accommodation: cottages
General distance: 125 km

Day 1

Arrival to Poltava (the train Kyiv-Poltava)
Breakfast in the pizzeria ''Chelentano''
Trasfer to the village Dykanka
Bicycly tour along Dykanka
Accommodation in cottages, dinner

Distance to ride: 35 km
Highlights of the day:
An excursion across Dykanka village. The escursion will explain the several interesting moments of the Ukrainian history: an origin of the St. Mykola Church (where the famous writer M. Gogol were baptized); drama between Kochubey family and hetman Ivan Mazepa; who is, in fact, the recipient of the Onegin's letter; etc.
Sauna in Dykanka. You will be definitely surprised with the interior and service: wooden steam room with affusion; oak, birch, pine or linden sauna switches; pool; old traditional massage with switches or honey and salt; brush, classic, soap or ethereal massages; restaurant, which offers so wide variety of Ukrainian dishes that even the most exacting visitor will be fully satisfied.

Day 2

Transfer to the village Oposhna
Excursion to the Museum of Pottery
Lunch in a local caffee
Riding across the landscape park ''Dykanka''

Distance to ride: 50 km
Highlights of the day:
Museum of Pottery. This museum is rather famous in Ukraine as almost all the Ukrainian presidents have visited it and left their remarks about the marvellous collection in the local journal.
The landscape park ''Dykanka''. You will be captured with its primeval forests and unexpected picturesque descent to the valley, bloomy fields and hills, that open you the view far over the horizon, huge oaks and pure Vorskla river with niveous coasts.

Day 3

Transfer to Poltava
Lunch in pizzeria ''Chelentano''
Excursion in Poltava
Departing to Kyiv (the train Poltava-Kyiv)

Distance to ride: 45 km
Highlights of the day:
Poltava. This city will surprise you with its cosy centre, variety of avenues, squares and open caffees.

- for the Ukrainian and Russian speaking groups without a translator - 1200 UAH per person;
- for the English speaking groups (from 5 people) - please, inquire for the extra fee for the guide-translator service.

- accommodation in cottages;
- fullboard in a cottage and lunch in the village Oposhna;
- tickets required in the museums and excursions;
- sauna in Dykanka village - 2 hours (bath-sheets and towels, tea and honey);
- instructor service;
- medical insurance;

Not included:
- train tickets to Poltava city;
- breakfasts in pizzeria ''Chelentano''
- additional services in sauna (massage, sauna switches, etc.)

Please make the previous reservation. If you plan to join the group, please confirm by e-mail contact@inkyiv.info or by tel. +38032 235 76 30, +380984492525 or coming along to our office.

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