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Invitation letter for visa
In order to apply for a tourist visa, you need to have a set of documents including an invitation letter provided by a tour operator in Ukraine that is licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In particular countries a tourist voucher for hotel reservation and information about programme of tourists stay on the territory of Ukraine are also requested.

We provide invitation letter ONLY when you make a hotel or tour reservation with our company.
The cost of invitation letter letter is 10 Euro (non-refundable fee).

Information required for Invitation letter:
1. Passport details:
a) Full name of applicant (as in passport);
b) Citizenship;
c) Date of birth;
d) Passport number.
2. Period of stay on the territory of Ukraine.
3. The country where visa is to be issued.

A copy of invitation letter can be sent to your personal fax or to the fax of Ukrainian Consulate of the country where visa is to be obtained within not more than 24 hours Monday - Friday. It's necessary to check with the Ukrainian Consulate if they accept copies of letter of invitation or only originals.
The original of invitation letter can be sent to a required address at the extra cost.

Papers to be handled in to the Ukrainian Consulate:
1. Visa support letter
2. Tourist Voucher (if requested by Ukrainian Consulate)
3. Passport
4. passport photo (some Consulates require up to 3 photos)
5. Completed visa application form

It should be noted that Consulate reserves the right to require some additional documents at its discretion.
Applicants are advised to apply well in advance as not all consulates offer same day services and the process of getting visa may takes up to 3 weeks.

Pay attention:
Once your visa has been issued, you should check that details printed on visa are correct. Please pay attention that you can't enter the country before the date of entry shown on your visa and fines are payable if you do not leave the country on or before the date of departure given on your visa. If you plan to leave Ukraine for a short period and then come back you have to apply for DOUBLE ENTRY visa.

Please consider that we do not provide with tourist vouchers.

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